The Ciphus System

The Second



The Captain, after fleeing from Mellcon with the party, decided to try and sell his ‘spice’ in Pallas, the northernmost port town of Galle. The party explored the town, only to find a vendor much like the long-fabled the Jew. Purchasing maps from him, the party went on to meet a shopkeep much like Doctor Strange and another with and Grandma who ‘wasn’t all there’. After, they went to the tavern to meet the captain for one more round of drinks, only to find the Captain being thrown out of the window. A short scuffle ensued, but the thugs (who were jealous that their ladies wanted the Captain) were brought to justice. That evening, there was much drinking.

The Cult of Verraad

Amongst the things heard that night, the bartender told Amras that the cult on the edge of town had been rumored to have set up some sort of sacrifice pit in the forest at the edge of town. The Captain drunkenly indicated he had dealt with those types before, “always stealing your booze and raping your women….. OR WAS THAT HALF-ORCS HAHAHAHAHHA!” The party was good and smashed, so they decided to deal with it in the morning.

Morning came and on the edge of the forest, the party spotted a rough path and followed it to a cavern. Inside, they found the Cult. Fighting their way through the hastily dug dungeon, they found a sacrifice pit just as promised, guarded by a Rutterkin (the one with the ax), three dread guards , and the fabled Svain who fled after Sulli rushed in to grab the loot. Combat of note; Sulli slit the throat of a tough guard protecting the room of death, Zane Cross failed, and so did the Rutterkin. As the last foe fell, runes scratched into the walls started to glow, and the party grabbed their loot and left.

Mortius Nuntius

As the party left the dungeon and entered the clearing where they found it, a dark shape whooshed by over head, and a Deep Crow the size of a grizzly landed in front of them. A cloaked figured slipped of the crow, revealing himself to be Mortius Nuntius, a tiefling who hasn’t been seen since near the end of the War of Verraad. He threatened to end the party, when a wave of fire blasted from the dungeon door, throwing the party to the ground and bathing Nuntius in it. Furious, he decided to decapitate everyone, but as he got close stopped, and said “I… I feel a presence I haven’t felt since….” and mounted his Deep Crow and left.

And then we all went to bed.

The First
The Sunless Citadel

This weekend, the party – comprised of Steven, Simmons, Will, Mikey, Johnny, and AJ, found their way through the Sunless Citadel. Of note- a book on Dragon Lore, a mysterious Dwarven document, and the escape of the crooked Druid Belak the Outcast. What did Belak want with the Gulthias Tree, and what will become of him now that Mellcon is overrun by Twig Blights?


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