Einar is Old Norse for "one warrior". Let that sink in for a little while.


Level 1 Binder

Signs known: Amon, Leraje, Naberius, Ronove, Aza’zati


Einar was a simple farmer’s son until a binder was discovered in his hometown, the fishing village of Terral (about four miles south down the coast from Udopis). The binder foolishly attempted to demonstrate the harmlessness of pact magic by quickly teaching Einar how to summon Amon. Amon is a fierce, demonic-looking spirit and this frightened the villagers into believing that the binder had caused a demon to possess Einar. Einar and the binder fled the village; the binder was killed, but not before he passed on his notebook to Einar. Within the book were a few sigils of some spirits that the binder had discovered. The villagers continued to pursue Einar, and he, under the influence of Amon, turned upon them and slew a dozen or so villagers before they gave up the pursuit. Unable to turn back now that he would surely have the death sentence, Einar resolved to learn more about this newfound power so that it might help him avoid the law. Seven years passed by, and Einar decided to risk going out into the open in the hopes that no one would recognize him. This gambit worked, and Einar, now with full knowledge of what the few vestiges he could bind were capable of, decided to become a mercenary, augmenting his natural strength with the powers of the vestiges but passing them off as spells. He worked various odd jobs: he was a bodyguard for a minor noble, he helped defend various villages from bandits, and he assassinated a corrupt captain of a town’s guard, among other things. He gained a reputation as a slightly mentally unstable character (from the occasional bad pact) but a dependable warrior nonetheless. After five years of gallivanting about Memtic, he decided to try his luck overseas, knowing that he’d probably find better work in less-destroyed lands. He journeyed to Udopis and bought a seat on the first boat out of the harbor.


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