Etruria is the planet on which the campaign occurs.


The planet has eight major landmasses:

There are also lesser landmasses, such as Ignis, Mellcon, the Tri Islands, and several island chains off the coasts of Aotearoa and Haphaeus.


Etruria has two moons, Quezt and Couatl


Recorded history has been broken into eras, or “Seeds” in common jargon, stemming from an ancient calendar system created by the Talxica people. Seeds are further broken down into “Veins” (years), “Shani” (months), and “Nahuatl” (days). Currently the planet is in Third Seed, or the third era of recorded history.

First Seed was the era in which the Talxica people existed, which legend says are the common ancestors of all races in Etruria. First Seed’s end was marked by the collapse of their empire. A period of Dark Seed then followed, the history of which is little known, as the name implies.

Second Seed began at the rise of the modern peoples, and the Great Rebirth spurred by ancient texts. Second Seed ended with the beginning of the Great Dragon War after 5500 years.

Third Seed is the current era. This includes the Great Dragon War and the War of Verraad.


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