Not much is known of the Ruins of Korceah.


Galle has a varied landscape, ranging from rolling plains to vast mountain ranges to deep forests. Of note is Mount Charybdis, as well as the isles of Scylle and Naiad


Galle is one of the larger continents in Etruria. It’s population clusters much more than continents like Memtic, the end result being bigger towns. Population break down is as follows.

  • 24% Human
  • 23% Elf
  • 22% Dwarf
  • 17% Gnome
  • 7% Orc
  • 6% Halfling
  • 1% Other


Galle is on the gold standard, like most of Etruria.


Government in Galle runs essentially on the Athenian democratic model, a form of direct democracy. Each city also has a representative, who make up the Council that meet in Nethun once a week.


Because of the vast areas of non-populated land, airship is used frequently, as are horses in conjunction with a well developed road system.


All three guilds hold normal sway, though it’s rumored the Fighter’s Guild acts as a sort of mafia, keeping people in line and profiting off of whatever they dip their fingers into


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