Great Dragon War

500 years ago Etruria was a very different planet. While continents and kingdoms and countries existed much as they do today. However, the dragons were mindless and wild, monsters more than dragons. They ravaged country sides and stole whatever they could find. The people lived in constant fear of a dragon attack.

Then one day, all at once, nine dragons were given sentience.

In common goal, the nine came together and fought the rest, to end the rampant destruction. In the process, much was destroyed, but the people were so grateful they worshiped the Nine almost as gods, and made many sacrifices to them.

In the end, the Nine became governors of the nine regions of Etruria- Memtic, Galle, Caiapo, Himba, Javan, Haphaeus, Coelus, Aotearoa, and the Tri Islands.

Great Dragon War

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