Memtic is the largest continent in Etruria. It is rich in climates and landscapes- the land can vary from vast plains land to rocky snow-covered mountains to heavily forested areas. There are several rivers throughout Memtic, the longest of which is the Amir, which runs through both Tralen and Morsan.


It is comparatively, heavily populated, mainly centered in the big towns- Morsan, Tralen, and [[Cho’kob | Chokob]], as well as the port town of Udopis. The split is as follows:

  • 30% Human
  • 24% Elf
  • 22% Dwarf
  • 17% Gnome
  • 4% Orc
  • 2% Halfling
  • 1% Other


Memtic, like most continents on Etruria, is economically connected enough to use the standard gold system. The value of gold is based on the supply throughout the world, except for Himba, Haphaeus, and the Tri Islands, all of which run on the rupee. There is no exchange of currencies.


The government of Memtic has gone through a series of governments- before the arrival of Verraad, Memtic had an anarcho-capitalist -based society. Under Verraad, the Church was the law. Now that Verraad has been vanquished, it has largely reverted to the anarcho-capitalism, however, Rennovo has retained some administrative power to oversee reconstruction. This includes taxation power and police power.


Transportation in Memtic is largely by horse. Airships are also used, but very, very expensive. In the mountains zeppelins and eagles are often used.


The Mage Guild has a large influence, as does the Fighters Guild. There is a Thieves Guild, but like everywhere it is underground.


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