Verraad spawned as a balor. He stayed that way for 400 years, before he was exiled from the hells for ‘consorting with the enemy.’

Coming to Memtic

After gaining an intense amount of power from an unknown source, Verraad, riding a gargantuan obsidian stone that would become his home and source of power, tore through the planes and crashed into the main citadel of the town of Morsan. Soon, armies he enlisted crashed to the earth too, and within two days, Memtic was conquered.


From The Book of Verraad

While the valiant adventurers had begun to turn the tide against Verraad, in the year that followed all the ground that had been gained was lost again. Verraad, strong as ever, moved against the rebel forces with an army of demons. The rebels, overtaken, turned to Rennovo for guidance, and in a desperate move he reverted to his true dragon form and went to battle against Verraad himself.

The battle between the two crashed and thundered over the capital city of Morsan. Suddenly, the sky opened up again, and a lightning strike struck Verraad, green, lighting him up. And like that, he was gone. With their leader gone, the demon army soon met its doom, and the day was won.

Morsan was rebuilt, the mammoth temple destr0yed and in it’s place a statue of Rennovo was erected, despite his protests.


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